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Drift away a summer night in the Lucky Johnny Quilted hammock with vibrant colors. Its massive width and sturdy quilted construction make it suitable for two adults, if you're willing to share. This design is made with a spreader bar to hold the hammock open, allowing for easier use in getting in and out. Though, considering the comfort, you'll still find it difficult to get out. Plus, the free matching button-on pillow really ups the "Ahhh" factor!

The dimensions of the bed itself are 200cm (78.74”) in length and 140cm (55.11”) in width. Overall, this hammock stretches a total of 370cm (145”) requires a hanging distance of at least 13 feet with a 16-foot maximum. Weight capacity: holds up to 180kg/396lbs.


75103-BK 75119


1. Material: Cotton/Polyester fabric
2. Size: 200x140cm
3. Weight of hammock: 3kg
4. Weight capacity: Holds up to 180kg
5. It can be used all the year around


1.FALLING and Strangulation hazard! Hammock can be unstable. 
2.Children can become entangled in the hammock strings. DO NOT leave children unattended in the hammock.
3.Don't use this hammock as a swing.
4.Don't jump in the hammock, any sudden strength/weight on the hammock might lead to a injury.
5.Be sure that your weight is always centred in the harrnmock instead of on either side of the hammock.
6.Make sure there is no sharp or any dangerous objects beneath your hammock.
7.Never use the hammock when it is damaged.
8.Max. load: 180kg/396lbs. Do not exceed the maximum load.