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DOUBLE ROPE  HAMMOCKS               

Brand new netted hanging hammock for 2 persons.
Great for relaxing, leisure or easing of pressure indoor or outdoor. E.g., by the pool, on porch and in the backyard etc.
Also perfect for camping, hunting, hiking, traveling, holiday and more.
Hangs easily on a stand (not included), shading trees or others.
A perfect lounging option for one or two full size peoples.
Comfortable Cotton rope netting offers a feel of coziness.
Tough twisted rope into befitting mesh for maximum support.
Sturdy wood bars spread the hammock perfectly.
Providing safety and easy access to getting in or out.
Strong steel ring in rust-resistant finish for safe hanging.
Healthy original color of the Cotton rope and wood spreader.
Tool-free assembly and folds down for easy storage.


75103-BK 75119


1.Material: Cotton, Wood

2.Bed Dimension: 79×59 inch(L×W)

3.Total Length(Hook not included): Approx.118inch

4.Steel Ring Diameter: 2.4inch
5.Cotton Rope Diameter: 0.3inch
6.Spreader Bar Size: 59×1×0.8 inch(L×W×Thickness)
7.Weight capacity: 200kgs

8.Color: Light beige


1.FALLING and Strangulation hazard! Hammock can be unstable. 
2.Children can become entangled in the hammock strings. DO NOT leave children unattended in the hammock.
3.Don't use this hammock as a swing.
4.Don't jump in the hammock, any sudden strength/weight on the hammock might lead to a injury.
5.Be sure that your weight is always centred in the harrnmock instead of on either side of the hammock.
6.Make sure there is no sharp or any dangerous objects beneath your hammock.
7.Never use the hammock when it is damaged.
8.Max. load: 200kg/450lbs. Do not exceed the maximum load.