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This comfortable and trendy hammock swing is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space.
Its characteristic is white decorous, can make a person spirit feel more comfortable.
Comfortably lounge, read, stargaze, or nestle into a cozy "cocoon” in the backyard, campground, or exotic location!
1.Unique Combination of Comfort and Relaxation   
2.Weight Capacity up to: 300 Pounds 
3.Simple to Hang 
4.Minimal Hanging Height: 7 Feet or Higher


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1.Material:65% sturdy cotton and 35% polyester fabric 

2.Dimension: 100 x 90cm 

3.Strong hardwood bar + hanging ropes

4.2 x cushion dimensions:45 x 45cm (you can choose with or without cushions)    


Maximum load:150kgs/300lbs

Safety First: 

Before entering chair inspect your hanging chair, hardware (if any), installation points and objects supporting your hanging chair for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hanging chair. Any hanging chairs may tip if your weight isn’t centered. A hanging chair is not a playground swing or a trampoline. Excessive swinging and other rough play may result in falls and may wear out your hanging chair and hardware prematurely. Small children should not play unsupervised in your hanging chair.