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There’s nothing better than relaxing to the rhythm of a swaying hammock in your own backyard. 

Lucky Johnny Rope hanging chair is perfect for lounging in your yard or on the porch whether you choose to stretch out with a good book or take a nap. 
The amazing design will conform to your needs whether you want to sit up or lay way back. 
It is a highly comfortable and offers relaxation and comfort at the highest level. 
Don't forget this gem on your next trip to the beach or campground! 


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1.Cord Material: Polyester cotton

2.Spreader bar: 38-inch Hardwood
3.Seat Size: 30 - 40 inches wide seat
4.Weight capacity up to: 150kgs/330lbs


Maximum load:150kgs/330lbs

Safety First: 
Before entering chair inspect your hanging chair, hardware (if any), installation points and objects supporting your hanging chair for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hanging chair. Any hanging chairs may tip if your weight isn’t centered. A hanging chair is not a playground swing or a trampoline. Excessive swinging and other rough play may result in falls and may wear out your hanging chair and hardware prematurely. Small children should not play unsupervised in your hanging chair.